Information Processing and Extraction Group

The Information Processing and Extraction Group (IPEG) research focuses on the development of signal processing algorithms to extract information from remotely sensed and related data.

The approach we propose is based on the development and combination of physical and statistical models for both observations and prior knowledge and the subsequent use of these models for optimal or near-optimal processing.

Our research work can be broadly grouped in the following areas:

Feature extraction: dimensionality reduction in hyperspectral imagery, texture analysis in multi-dimensional imagery;

Physical modeling and inverse problems: microwave remotes sensing of the ocean and the atmosphere, fast codes for reflectance to radiance conversion, and clutter modeling.

Data fusion: atmospheric and ocean parameter estimation, resolution enhancement, detection and discrimination, and multimodal data fusion.

Data management: lossless compression, compression of multispectral and hyperspectral imagery.

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LARSIP Laboratory
Dr. Miguel Vélez-Reyes, PE
Principal Investigator
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